Time to catch up…

I have to admit that I haven’t really made a great start on here. This is about to change.

Finally starting my second week at LCC (London College of Communication)(180 odd people, I’m in group C/3), we have been given our first proper brief (might have had a massive excuse to go out and have some amazing food, Thai Foo at Leicester sq yesterday and Korean tonight). Really looking forward to this A0 black and white posters that have to fold into A3 “books” describing the food and the places (I’ll go into detail later in the week).

Really enjoying this place, specially after the ice breaker that we had on our first week, The Wacky Races. We had to form groups of 5 or 6 and we had to build a “vehicle” that two members of the team had to fit in, then race from a starting point given to us (we got given CSM in Southampton Row) to LCC in Elephant & Castle. We also had been given tasks to complete during this race, like photos taken near a famous landmark, a police officer, at the top of a double-decker bus, on an underground station. Then others like interacting with a member of the public and discuss their favourite part of London, eating a meal and buying a souvenir. All this had to be presented on a 2 minute film that had to be handed in at 10am on friday. The only down side is that we didn’t win the race and we didn’t get a prise for the best film… but we did have a very nice CHINESE LION!


First Post – Reza Abedini

For my first post I thought Ide share my thoughts on one of the latest artists introduced to me in a contextual studies lesson that I have rapidly fallen for. We were discussing the Jameel Prize and a few artists were named, most were quite interesting all for different reasons, but the one I wanted to look into the most was Reza Abedini’s work, a graphic designer from Iran. What gets me the most is how he gets all of these different design elements working together so damn well. The use of figure and ground and space are just.. and the typography!!

Amazing, don’t you reckon?

All images in this post are from rezaabedini.com

I will be posting my latest work up, as soon as a get the photos taken.